5 Recurrent Myths about Vaccines Debunked

Vaccines have helped several kids stay alive from diseases that would have claimed their precious lives. Dangerous diseases such as the Flu (Influenza), Hepatitis A & B, Measles, Polio, Mumps, Diphtheria, Whooping Cough (Pertussis), Human Papillomavirus (HPV), Chickenpox (Varicella), and so on can now be prevented or eradicated by using appropriate vaccines. Despite its usefulness since it was introduced in the 1940s, the vaccine has always been dogged by some myths, all of which have already been proved baseless or untrue through countless research and studies. Some of these recurrent myths are highlighted below:

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Fever in Children: When to Give the Doctor A Call?

 Every parent should understand that fever itself is not an illness, your child’s body temperature could suddenly go up due to a number of factors, such as overdressing, post-immunization discomfort, and when your child’s immune system is actively fighting some infections. So, when is the right time to call your doctor for help?

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