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How We Add Value to the Healthcare System

At Medlandz, pronounced as “Med lands”, we make FREE, useful health information available to you when you most need it. We basically assist you in the process of getting the best healthcare by providing you with the latest and reliable health information, news, ideas, technologies, and improved procedures.Medlandz_23

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  • We do not provide medical advice: Please be fully aware that we are not providing any medical advice on this site. Our content is only meant to educate you about your health and well-being. And if you have any symptoms or health issues related to the ones discussed on this site, PLEASE SEE YOUR PHYSICIAN for proper diagnosis and treatment.
  • Privacy: We do our best to protect our user’s privacy by making sure that sensitive and personal information such as health records, emails, passwords, physical addresses, phone numbers, IDs, age, and other related sensitive data is kept from those who are not authorized to have access to them.
  • Liability of Medlandz and its contributors: You are fully aware that Medlandz and its contributors are not liable for any delay, corruption, failure or interruption of the health information/data published or is going to be published on this site. You absolutely understand that you are using this site at your own risk.
  • Content Corrections/Editing: The choice of content and images used on the site are at the discretion of Medlandz and its officers. And using this site does permit any user to challenge or throw calumny at Medlandz’ or any of its officers’ reputation. Based on concrete facts and evidence, we warmly welcome suggestions for corrections or editing of any of our published stories, news, information, data, and so on. So, please take the first step of discussing things with us before taking the matter up elsewhere.
  • Jurisdiction: Operating online but with a physical address in Cheyenne, Wyoming State, United States of America, Medlandz’s content is available to both local and foreign users. Since health issues are universal and sometimes similar in nature, we do hope that you can gain a lot by using this site. But we do not bear any risks if the methods, approaches, and technologies used elsewhere apart from the United States contradict the health information provided on this site. In that case, users’ discretion is highly recommended.
  • Legal Issues: By using this site, you absolutely agree that all legal issues that may come up between you and Medlandz will only be resolved by the appropriate court in Wyoming State, United States.

Who We Are

Medlandz, an online health informatics outlet, is a division of Words Aglow, LLC, a holding company located in the address below:

                           Medlandz (A Division of Words Aglow, LLC)

                                 1621, Central Avenue,

                                 Cheyenne, Wyoming, WY 82001,

                                 The United States.

                                 Phone: (307) 316-0269 (Extension #4)