Does Sex Get Better At Old Age?

It has been a long-running myth that old age reduces the desire for sex. As such, it appears that people who have crossed over to the golden years are eternally doomed to a life of dull performance in bed. Surprisingly, this is not always true; it depends on who the lovers or players are. Sex can even get quite steamier when aging if the rules are followed. Which rules are we talking about? 

Main challenges for the senior lovers

Unlike young lovers whose bodies, due to high levels of hormones, are quick to respond to sexual seductions, those in their golden years (baby boomers, some Generation X, and seniors) take time to be receptive to those sexual signals. This does not mean that they are clueless sexually; it just indicates that they are confronted with the following challenges:

  • Low libido–this can occur due to some medications used in treating high blood pressure and depression. Aging can also lower men’s and women’s libido
  • Reduction in the levels of testosterone–this can happen to men and women alike
  • Nerve damage–it can be caused by diseases such as diabetes
  • Poor erection in men
  • Dryness of women’s vaginal tissues caused by low levels of estrogen
  • Emotional imbalance and anger from a long-term relationship problem can lead to disinterestedness in sex

How to bring the spark into the senior sex life

In the absence of any serious medical conditions, the following sex treatment can bring the much-needed spark into the senior sex life:

  • Using lubricant can help reduce vaginal dryness
  • Dedicating more time to foreplay–both men and women need some touching  in sensitive body parts to get sexually excited
  • Experimenting with different types of sex, not necessarily only penetration
  • Finding time to talk about sex and things, actions, hobbies that turn you on sexually

However, if there are signs of sexual dysfunctions or problems, do not be afraid to discuss them with your doctor.